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Hey ya’ll! I'm Gabrielle Jenkins, a young woman from Columbia, Maryland,fascinated in being a vessel as I graciously share my food recipes, photos, creativity, and life lessons. As I go through life, I have come to the revelation that through art I am devoted to address and release my axioms.  You are free to agree or the end of every day, I remain true to that which God has instilled and inspired.


At a young age, I found a euphoric peace in many forms of art.  In choosing a profession, I favored Culinary Arts for I am a cultivated chef and very introspective when constructing recipes, menus, and designing platted food and photographing the end result. I hope to one day further pursue my desire for art in a way that will trigger the passion within others to make flight and continue to be a light to the world. To do this, opening a restaurant would be ideal, but ultimately wherever God leads me is my main focus.


In your findings of this Sanaa Chumba (Art Room), I hope that you are inspired, and that my vision makes way to your heart, evokes you to look inward, and discover whatever treasures that lie within.



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